Test shipping rate way different to actual

So, i’m having a pretty serious problem with USPS Express Mail. I’m using Realtime rates.

Basically, in the checkout process it always calculates as $18.30

In the admin when you run a test it will vary (depending on the test weight entered and default address set) and return results that seem about right.

In contrast to being stuck USPS Priority Mail rates are all over the place ranging from nailing it to 100% over the actual costs to 50% under!

I would switch to manual from realtime (which also returns accurate rates in the Admin test) but that doesn’t show up at all in the checkout.

I have Fedex and UPS setup and those both return correct rates.

Hello Mattyturner,

This problem requires an investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk: [url]http://cs-cart.com/helpdesk[/url] and provide us with a temporary FTP access to your server.