$$ **Template Installation** $$

I am looking for someone with experience with CS Cart 2.2.4.

I have a template that i have all rights too to install on my website (www.JBMarketplace.com)

There is everything you need in three files to install including instructions on how to install.


Get the work done in a timely manor

Meet the template requirements without any errors

Install the template and make sure there are no errors.

I will pay out with paypal when the job is complete.

The script and codes are all pre-written. You just need to delete the old template and install the new one.

I am willing to pay at most 40$ for this to be completed 100%.

Please email me if you are seriously interested in doing this work and getting it done on time. Please have references.

Thank you,


Jeffery Ball, CEO

My Email: Customerservice@jbmarketplace.com