Template error

I have created a new table in dreamwever but when i copy/paste the code in csc editor is not showing in the front end, however in back end its showing table in the editor. Please help

[color=#ff0000]**Sorry whenever i am chaning the title of the topic, its showing error “You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.”[/color]

In skins/your_skin/customer/css/960/reset.css

There are already table, td, tr, th…etc. declarations. However, these aren't applied in the skins/basic/admin/… path hence you can see the table elements (borders, etc) in the admin but not the front end.

You can override these or create a custom table class in your stylesheet (again, doing so via my_changes would be best for avoiding conflicts during upgrades) and apply the class to your table.