"Tell me when it´s available" and "Giftregistry intagrated with user account"

“Tell me when it´s available”

When a product is sold out i would like to have a field where my visitor can put his e-mail there and he will get automatic e-mail when the product comes back available to the store.

“giftregistry intagrated with user account”

I would like to see giftregistry working toguether with user account, give the ability to clients to see their gifts at user account, decide if he will want the gift or not and give a way to get in credit to buy something else on the website. Well i would like to user in control of his giftregistry, showing who gave the present, when, with decision if receives present or get credit on the store …this kind of things … and much more …

well that what i´m looking for … i would like to know if anyone have that … how you did, how much you paid, and if can i see ?

And if that not exist … i would like to sugest that for CS 2.0

Thanks again guys.