Technical Issues

We are having a technical issue with cs cart and need some help in fixing it. On August 23, our host upgraded from cpanel to site tools and we started encountering issues we are having is within our cart.

A customer can go through the entire process of purchase but after submitting all info it will not finalize, the page simply says please wait, processing the order. Its getting held up right on that final step then not able to get to the processing companies. This was the initial issue, then the next day we started having other issues within cs-cart which started reflecting to the front end of our site. When you click items on the front end, it would appear blank. The details would all disappear. I spoke to the hosting company and they said its not on their end as the site is running smoothly. The only thing that changed was the host made an upgrade and said it was just an interface change.

We have tried all browsers and forms of payment, its the same response.

Thank you all for your help