Taylor's Nutrition.com


Our site has been opened for about 4 months now. We do about 25 orders a day which isn’t bad at all. We are finally moving into a small warehouse next month. Our goal is to have customer’s process their orders online and then have the option them being delivered or picked up at the warehouse.

Looks ok and 25 sales a day sounds great :slight_smile:

My suggestions:

  • Logo could be a little cleaner and if it’s not official I’d make it a little more exciting
  • Too much blank space on the right of the logo, perhaps CHF banner would look better there? (as long as it’s your site too, otherwise I’d make better logo and/or header) and would make better CHF button and would make it fit red bar better
  • Small product images look rough to me, I’d go with my own small images rather than CS’s auto-shrink

Check it out now. Thanks, John

25 sales per day? That is awesome! Nice site.

[quote name=‘MMAMuscle.com’]25 sales per day? That is awesome! Nice site.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for you positive reply. John