Taxes incorrectly calculated

I have two taxes: GST 5%

and QST 8.5% (calculated on top of GST)

Both taxes are applied to all products and shipping methods.

When I test buying an item at 409.99$ + Shipping: 25$

I get the following taxes

GST: 21.75$

QST: 35.79$

But I should get

GST: 21.75$

QST: 38.82$

Did I miss something somewhere? So far it’s seems like a bug.

I am running CS-Cart v 2.1.2

Had to set GST with priority 1 and QST with Priority 2 and not use “price include tax” option.

Of course…


This depends on how things are taxed. In the US where there is state an local tax, the tax is calculated correctly.

In Canada, where they have tax systems that tax, tax, then it is not calculated properly.

I looked this up and for you to get the correct amount for the provincial rate you need to use 8.925 as the multiplier and the number will come out correct.

Some references:


[URL=“Sales taxes in Canada - Wikipedia”][/URL]


No, if I set GST priority = 1 and QST priority = 2, then QST taxes GST which is what I want and I can leave QST=8.5%.

If I had wanted the QST not to tax GST then I would have setup both priority = 1.


Yes, I see how you are using the priority. I have to apply this same concept to promotions, since I have a problem and I think the proper use of Priority will fix it.

You gave your answer at the same time I was responding to you.

At least I just learned something I did not know before!