Taxes And Shipping

I have a rebranded CS webstore and am pulling out my hair trying to get it to work. I am located in the EU, which might clarify some things.

1.) There is no way to have VAT exempt customers enter their VAT number so that they do not have to pay the VAT. I have to keep a second system to manually enter orders for these customers.

2.) Even though I have listed certain countries as having 0% VAT, they still get charged VAT upon checking out.

3.) Shipping costs are only calculated on weight, not a combination of size/weight.

The issues I have with CS shows it was made without anything outside the US as a customer base, and have not seen anything to warrant a migration from my rebranded installation to a full CS version. How can the above things still not be taken care of? This is not 1992 anymore, is it?

Does anyone know if the EU VAT thing will be handled at all by CS Cart, or do I start looking for a migration to yet another system?

We're also going to need a solution to the new EU VAT rules, so following this thread as well. We are not located in the EU, but sell digital products internationally.