Taxes And No Taxes

I am getting bewidered by the whole tax setup and hope someone can help'

I have a store in Australia and sell to both Australia and New Zealand

In Australia prices HAVE to be displayed including tax at 10%

Customers that buy from New Zealand don't pay me tax in their order so prices need to be displayed without tax

New Zealand has a different exchange rate to the base $1 here in Australia

How do I set all this up

not sure if it can be done with “localizations” but in the uk we show our prices as the image below BUT some of our outlying islands are tax free so we set the tax rate in taxes tab for that location as 0.00, so at checkout they dont pay tax

The locations must be set up though in locataions first.


Thanks John but not exactly what I need…possibly the other way around may be a workaround but still not really appealing. Australians need to see the $1.50 but New Zealanders need to see the $1.25 + the $ exchange so say $1.40

ahh, I see. Then localaztions may be able to help but Im not well up on it as I dont use trhem