Taxation Complexity

We consult to various online clients as to different software that might

function satisfactorily for their own unique circumstances. We don't

necessarily have the expertise to do a lot of what they need but give

them guidance as to what can be done (call it product versatility). Most

of our clients are in either the gift basket or floral industry, both of

which engage in significant online business and most others in software

or other such downloadable products, hence a shopping cart functional to

each of their needs is of great importance.

With this in mind, and to save time, we are hoping to garner answers to several questions that will better enable us to advise our clients as to cs-cart's appropriateness for them. Among the many questions, here are a few starters (and I apologize for their length and complexity) . . .

Our Canadian clients have unique sales tax requirements:

Can the cart provide for tax settings based on product or

service type? For example, there is only one tax on food gift baskets

but two taxes on those having non-food content.

Similarly, flowers have two taxes. Delivery charges need have only one

tax but added independently of the product taxes (i.e. product has

either 5% or 10% tax, depending on the nature of the product, whereas

delivery is taxed at a rate of 5%).

In addition to locally delivering products, they ship them across Canada

and, accordingly, they will be subject to varying tax rates depending on

the destination province, such as simply 5% GST or a combined GST and

PST (HST) of 12%, 13% or 15% (with the ability to introduce another rate

should a province introduce one or modify their existing rates as may be


With regard to delivery, as opposed to shipping, can the cart provide

for local delivery rates that differ depending on which suburb the

delivery goes to (eg, $10 in Providence, $12 to Pawtucket, $14 to

Cranston, etc) as well as differing shipping rates to various states

outside RI (eg, CA, FL, TX, etc)

Another client sells with local delivery in various countries:

Each country's tax rates are different (10% Australia, 23% Europe,

etc.). Can that be accommodated?

This same client charges both a fixed dollar amount handling fee (eg

$4.95), which varies in amount depending on where the product is

delivered, and a processing fee, which is to be calculated at a % of the

order's overall total (This % varies also with the country of delivery).

Is this doable?

Can a currency converter be somehow added to the catalog's product pages

so that customers can see what the purchase price of an item is close

to, in their own currency? Can it then be converted to CA$ for processing?

To import existing categories and products from an existing site, do you

first import categories and then import products? How are multple prices

and options on products affected with importing?

Thank you in advance,