Tax (Vat) When Not Logged In

Paid version 4.2

I have set my prices without VAT and the VAT is added automatically (20%)

When I'm logged in, in the “view my cart” page I see the amounts correctly:

Subtotal: £1.00

VAT: £0.20

Total: £1.20

If I enter my eshop as a guest, without log in, and put a product in the cart, at the “view cart” page I see only:

Subtotal: £1.00

Total: £1.00

How can I achieve the same result also in the checkout as guest?

I have 4.2.4 and adding to cart as guest still shows vat, are your settings like image below and do your rates depend on shipping or billing address?


Please also check default location in the settings. Taxes are calculated according to the default location for the guest users