Tax/Vat Display option wont work. Help Needed Please..

I have searched the forum and could not find an answer so i started this new thread, i hope someone here could please help me with my problem.

I am setting up a new shop using the 2.0.8 version. I have set up vat/tax in the relevant place in the admin panel. The vat rate is 15%. I have not ticked the “price includes vat” box as i need the prices to appear separately as i am in the UK. I have selected the following in “Appearance settings”.

*Estimate taxes using default address on cart/checkout pages

*Display prices with taxes on category/product pages

*Display prices with taxes on cart/checkout pages

But it still does not work, it only works when you are logged in.


When not logged in: “Price: £643.48”:

When logged in: “Price: £643.48 (£740.00 inc vat)”:

How can i have the " Price: £643.48 (£740.00 inc vat)" option displayed all the time in the cart.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Best regards,

Aleks Bergan

This is now fixed…

Turns out that i needed to set Country, County/State and Postcode/Zip Code in the default location under the “General” settings in the admin panel.

I only had Country set before thinking that would have been enough, but in my case all three needed to be filled out. I just used my business address as the default location.

Hope this helps someone else if they ever have the same problem…

Best Regards,

Aleks Bergan

Same issue here, the prices do not display with tax included.