Tax Rates By State, Every Cart Has It...

why, where, how do i set up cs-cart to charge certain tax rates based on the state? we are in Arizona, I need to charge taxes to Arizona residents. when i go to add the tax, it does not show Arizona, only shows the locations set up in shipping. Doesnt make any sense. I do not see where i can set up tax for Arizona without setting it up as a shipping location first. why cant i set up tax for one state and leave it at that. first time ever ive come across not being able to set up taxes for the state i live in. the more i play with cs-cart the more i find how limited it is. someone please let me know asap. thanks

Locations are used for both shipping and taxes. Set up an Arizona location and make sure to remove it from the location containing the rest of the US.

One reason it is set up this way is to allow maximum flexibility. For instance, some states require different rates based on county - something that cannot be specified at the state level.


nice thanks! Ill give it a shot.