tax question

I have setup taxes, so that if you order from CA or NY, it shows on the storefront. but its not adding to the total…how comes?

Payment method: none (none) Shipping: Shipping & Handling Subtotal: $15.63 Shipping cost: $5.95 Taxes: California 8.25% (1234242) $1.19 Total: $21.58 Customer notes: -

Looks like you may have checked the “Price includes tax” in the tax setup.


Price includes tax is not checked.

I have verified that if I add tax to my shipping location of CA, that the 8.25% gets tax added to it okay. but the actual 8.25% never gets added to the product

If you wish bob, we can do a remote session where you can take a look at my desktop and we can also chat online…let me know



If it is not the “Price includes tax” issue, I don’t really have any other ideas.

What version of the cart are you using? I recall that there were a number of tax problems in earlier versions of the cart.


cart version is 2.0.4

Not really sure what the problem could be. It seems to work fine for me in 2.0.5.


Probably hasn’t set the tax in the product page?

[quote name=‘Tool Outfitters’]Probably hasn’t set the tax in the product page?[/QUOTE]

The tax is shown on the invoice, it is just not included in the total amount due. But looking at the OP again, it appears the tax is miscalculated as well: 8.25% tax on $15.63 is is $1.29 (not $1.19).

We had a number of tax issues with previous versions. I hope they are not resurfacing.


I understand the situation now, though I don’t have a solution. I’ve had enough stress to last me for awhile so I think I am going to sit back and wait until 2.x is more stable before I begin to mess with it again.