tax problem


can tell me someone why when I put 19% tax on a product that have 10 euro, the tax in checkout is 1.60 instead of 1.90 ?

Because you have the checkbox “Price Includes Taxes” ticked.

8.4 (price) + 1.6 (tax @ 19%) = 10 (product price)

I need “Price Includes Taxes” checked to show the price with tax included :slight_smile: so isn’t right the result, because my product cost 8.1 not 8.6 and tax need to be 1,9 (from 19% like I put in administration) not 1,6.

the ideea is this… when I have the price 10 and tax 19% in administration I want to have on the cart this…

product - 10 (including tax)

tax (19%) - 1.9

how can I make this ?

This is basic maths,

product cost (8.10) + tax @ 19% (1.54) = Total (9.64)

The tax isn’t going to be 1.90 just because you want it to be. In order for the final price to be 10.00 you need to apply tax at 23.5%.

Here is a site that might help you, [url][/url]

I never understand why developers complicate things. is the first shop that has this way of calculating taxes.

anyway, I was on and indicated page and surprise, has calculated exactly how we wanted it.

Original value: 10

Percentage change:19 %

Amount of change:1.9

so, basic math… 10 - 1.9 = 8.1

the ideea is that. the product cost 10 not 8.1 and I want 19% tax from 10 not from 8.1 like you calculated. the calculation mode that is now isn’t right, at least from my point of view, and like I see here in form, I am not alone with with opinion, ar other complaints about the calculation of fees


I never understand why developers complicate things.


It’s not complicated at all. Have you actually tried your solution on a caluclator? Have you tried adding 19% to 8.1?

To add tax to a product:

(price excluding tax) * 1.(tax percentage) = Total including tax

To remove tax from a product:

(price including tax) / 1.(tax percentage) = Total excluding tax

Therefore for your product:

8.4 * 1.19 = 10 (Total including tax)

10 / 1.19 = 8.4 (Total excluding tax)

I’d suggest you contact an accoutant to explain to you why your calculations are wrong before you get fined to charging people too much tax. This is the last i’m going to say about the matter. Good luck.

with your last explanation I understand and work perfect.

thak you that had patience

best regards

No problem.