Tax Not Show In Checkout

I have the rates setup for texas with all the texas zip codes. I have the charge tax on shipping address checked, but since the update from 4.13 to 4.14 it disappeared. I did a restore back to 4.13 but it still does not show taxes in checkout when I am logged in to test checkout. Both shipping and billing addresses show Texas with the rate included zip code.

Help please.


Since I have not had any help from CS Cart in regards to this tax missing issue. I already had another cs cart install for another store which was version 4.13.2.SP2 with no changes at all to this install. The tax was showing in the front end cart and checkout. I then decided to upgrade this store to 4.13.3 like I did my other store that is missing the tax. Guess what, now the 2nd store is missing the tax on the front end cart and checkout pages. Remember, this 2nd store had no changes or additions what so ever. The store was a fresh install before I upgraded. Therefore, the new version upgrade 4.13.2.SP2 is causing the tax missing issue.

I would like an answer as to how this can be fixed please. I have already been waiting for a couple of weeks now and no help what so ever.