Tax is making me frustrated....

Hi All,

We’re about to begin using CS Cart for all of our Shopping Cart clients, but i’m just trying to figure out how to apply tax in the correct way.

All of our clients are based in Australia, and so as such, all prices must display including GST (our tax).

I’ve setup the tax rate for GST, and said that the tax isn’t included in the price.

The product excluding tax is $9.00. I’ve entered this in, and so the website should show that the products price is $9.90 (GST is 10% of product price).

I’ve made sure that the two settings inside the Appearance section for tax are ticked,

and it does show on the product page that the tax is applied as the following:

Price: $9.00

($9.90 inc tax)

However, I want it to show on the product AND category pages, as:

Price $9.90

When going through the checkout process, the products on the invoice should list as including tax, and then define it in the breakdown.



Qty: 1 x $9.90 = $9.90



GST (10%):$0.90

Total cost: $9.90

Does anyone know of a way for it to do this? Any australian cs cart users who have done this successfully?