Tax is calculated on pre-coupon subtotal not after coupon subtotal?

so i finally configured all the tax settings but I used a coupon and then the tax is calculated on pre-coupon subtotal not after coupon subtotal.

i read something similar in the Roadmap forum > New tax calculation method.

also sometimes on the cart page when entering in customer information or updating the cart if i click on buttons such as next step or update i notice the LOADING icon at the top just loading forever and i have to refresh the page and click the button again for it to respond.

i’m using the electro skin and if i have a block on the left side on the checkout page, items in the cart need to be scrolled left and right to see the update button. is the width of this skin too narrow to fit a block onto the left column of the checkout page? my lcd screen resolution is 1680x1050


taxes right

taxes wrong. it is the same tax as the before discount price

Is this still a problem you’re experiencing. And, did you set all of the tax rules correctly for your Canadian customers?

PM me and I’ll help.

tax rules are correctly set for all provinces. all calculations are correct if i don’t use a coupon. once i use a coupon it still taxes it on the PRE COUPON price.

here’s what customer services says:

Please let me explain, this is CS-Cart default functionality as first tax is applied to a product item and only then a 10% coupon is applied to the whole order.

In case a 10% discount is specified for a product (not an order), first the discount will be applied and then the tax (please see the attached screenshot).

I hope this will suit you.

Thank you.

PureLife: I installed this discount_fix add on and it seems to have resolved my issue to enable the tax to be calculated on the discounted price instead of the original.

Refer to [url][/url]

PureLife: I retract my earlier note. It would appear that the discount_fix hasn’t resolved my problem, unfortunately.

The tax is being calculated on the sub total before discount instead of after the discount.