Tax Configurations


i've creted a tax of 22% and setup all product with price include tax, can i exclude on checkout the tax for some destinations?


I've to create one promo that apply tax value (22%) of discount based on country customer that don't have tax?

You have to use locations not a promo.


i've tried but... if my product price is 200€ (price + tax) wich value i've to set for print 163€ (-22%)

Thanks in advance

This is my situation:

Product price: 200€ (price include tax)

LocationA (tax 22%) i've 164€+36€ of tax

LocationB (tax 0%) i've 200€+0€ of tax

I've configure in order to see 164€ (no tax) on LocationB, because for this location i've not apply any taxs...