TAX calculation CS-Cart

Hi all.

I just have a question about calculating tax

if i have a product costing 500,- inc tax

then a customer that lives outside my country shopps he is automatic TAX free

is it 500-25% or will correct calculation be 500/1,25

500-25%= 375,- ?

500/1,25= 400,- ? I say this is correct


500/1,25= 400,- ? I say this is correct


Yeah this one is correct, assuming your tax rate is 25%.

[quote name=‘baballuci’]Yeah this one is correct, assuming your tax rate is 25%.[/QUOTE]

So then CS-Cart calculate wrong then.

CS-Cart calculate with this 500-25%= 375,-

And ohh my i have to pay to get it fixed :confused:

I would asume this should be defalt behavior in CS-Cart despite country.

Posted a support question to CS-Cart and got this

[QUOTE]Our engineers can modify this feature for you on the paid basis.

Please let me know if you are interested in it and I will forward your request to our quote manager.[/QUOTE]

Ohh my.

They think it`s not a problem because noone else ever have reported it :frowning:

I am afraid, we cannot agree with you that adding/subtracting should not be used in calculating taxes. We have never had any complaints about this and suppose that taxes estimation is correct in CS-Cart.

Sorry for possible inconvenience.

We do not have to deal with VAT but I think all those who do should really press CS-Cart on this issue as it is demonstrably wrong. If their calculation that the price without VAT is 375, then adding a 25% tax to 375 should result in a price of 500 (not 468.75). The developers are clearly wrong on this issue and this has me questioning the accuracy of other percentage-based calculations in the cart (e.g., discounts).