take site off line temporarily

We are experiencing several problems which will require 24 hours to correct. We made a mistake when we updated our product information. We changed our global options, but did not know that we had to re-enter the different sizes on each product options page.

We are also experiencing a problem with Parcel post not being listed.

We think we should take our site off line instead of cause our customers the headaches they are experiencing. How can we take our site off line with a 24 hour notice and put it back on.


In admin bottom of screen click “close store”.

If you want to edit this page to read closed for 24 hours et c then store_closed.html is the file to edit.


we have the earlier version. There is nothing on the bottom of the page in admin. Can you give me another hint? Thanks, Diana

Not sure about the earlier version.

You could just create a index.html file and upload that to your root with whatever content you like, pics, text , links etc. Then remove it when you are done.


Settings->General → Look for “Access key to temporarily closed store. Use: http://www.company.com/index.php?store_access_key=key_value.” and paste the URL in the box with your domain name and save.