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while I understand what this means and what it is intended to do, an average internet shopper will have no idea what a “tag cloud” is. Suggest that the name be changed to “Product Tags” instead. I realize the title can be changed in the block manager but think the default should be the most common case.

The tag cloud doesn’t show us unless the customer is logged in.

This defeats the purpose of the tag cloud.

The tag cloud should show up whether or not the user is logged in.

Okay, looks like the tag cloud doesn’t show up until the tags have been approved.

Once the tags are approved, they show up fine.

Well I hate to be the dumb one, but what is the tag cloud for? I have seen this other places, but not any any other shops that would be considered my competition. Would this be a benificial thing for me to use?

Sorry for not knowing. Also, yes I do know how to use Google, but I am hoping to hear an answer from people that use the same cart and not just the millions of other conlficting answers out there.


The tag cloud is mainly use for 2 purposes:

  1. SEO - for search engines to feed on
  2. Searching for content or products in this case

    The concept of tag clouds originated from flickr and the delicious bookmarking tool. It helps find your pictures and bookmarks by tagging them with keywords.

    Tagging products in a store does the same thing. Helps your customer find your products. I know, you can just search for keywords in product name and product description, but there are times tagging them with specific keywords would improve search. Also, the tag cloud can help you find related products, as related products will be tag with similar keywords.

    I don’t think cs-cart does product searching using tags just yet.

Two things I wish cs-cart guys would add to tag clouds:

  1. Product searching using product tags
  2. Generate Meta Keywords from product tags

But what i dont understand is, why the tags link havent seo url? for example 国产三级片日韩A片_国产三级片手机上传视频_国产三级日本三级韩国三级韩级_国产三级日本三级在线网站

But no it seems in this form

index.php?dispatch=tags.view&tag=Hard Rock

it is possible to change it?

If you look this website you will find these guys are using different type of tag cloud


[quote name=‘miracles’]If you look this website you will find these guys are using different type of tag cloud


Wow, that’s one slow loading home page! Also, what’s the relevance here. That isn’t a cs-cart store front?

Yes they are not using cscart, i am only showing you an example.

the best solution i think is:





is this not possible with chaning the .htaccess?

But i am not a coder, i dont know that

It would be possible to change the urls using htaccess mod_rewrite.

More information on Mod_rewrite:



the best thing about the tag cloud is the ability to group a selection of products under a keyword, or keywords. yes it’s good for SEO but it’s also great for the casual shopper while browsing.

I am still waiting for the ability to import tags. If you’d like this functionality too, please go provide your input here: