Tag cloud links do not work

We are trying to use the Tag cloud function but I am guessing that we are doing something wrong. We have followed the information located at…

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

…but I am guessing that still need to do something. We can actually see the tags being added at the bottom of each page in the customer side of the shopping cart, but when I click on one of the terms that are listed in the cloud it takes me to a page that says, "Items marked by the tag “name product tag you clicked”, and then on the page is says “No data found”. So basically the site finds nothing.

Is there something I need to do to make the site know how to find the products using the product tabs? This is on 2.1.4.

I am guessing I am doing something wrong but I have no idea what.

Hello Jim!

I tried to reproduce the problem but failed. Did you click the tag link in the “Tags” block or in the “Tags” tab of the product details page?

Hi Kate, I had to end up uninstalling the mod and then I reinstalled. Now when I post “tags” on items they are working. Unfortunately all of the old tags I created before the uninstall did not work. So I then deleted all the old tags from the items and the tags do not show up on items/products. The problem at that point is the tags I deleted still showed up on the “page” tag which showed on every page and the links from the old did not work. At this point I have disabled the page tags in the “blocks” area so customers do not try to click on a dead link. So there is something broke some place in the code, I just have no idea where.

BTW, this is a fresh install of 2.1.3 and then upgraded to 2.1.4. So there are not multiple upgrades to mess things up.

Thank you for the clarification, Jim.

It sounds a bit strange, but, I am afraid, I cannot say anything about why this problem occurred without the investigation on your server.