Tabs & Drop Downs In Admin Interface Not Clickable

Just noticed today, but it seems to have happened over the weekend - tabs and drop downs in the Admin interface are not clickable on my site. I’m running CS-Cart 3.0.4. There were no changes made.

By tabs I mean the little rectangles when you edit a product or view an order - I.E. “General”, “Addons”, “Promotions” when clicking on an order. By drop downs, I mean the box that allows you to select an order status and change it from processed > complete etc… Also, on the front page, the banners are no longer displaying (I use the included Banners addon to service banners).

It seems to me that something on my Apache server must have broken. However, I checked the config files and nothing has been touched in months. I restarted the Apache service as well to no avail.

Does anyone know what the common thread is that enables these functions? Maybe it would point me in the right direction. I’m going to open a ticket, but I usually have bad luck getting service on Mondays and I’m hoping for a quick turnaround :).

Thanks in advance!

So I was able to figure out the common thread was Javascript, which didn't make sense to me since I assumed it was all handled by the end browser. I contacted support and one of the javascript libraries in cs-cart had become corrupted. So just replacing the javascript libraries in the js directory with originals fixed the issue.