Table containing Item Subtotal?

I’m using ODBC to connect CS-Cart tables to Access for analytical purposes.

Nearly everything is worked out except for one thing: item subtotals.

Item subtotals are different than:

  1. Product prices (b/c of discounts, promotions, coupons, etc)
  2. Order subtotals (b/c item subtotals represent individual products / transactions)

    So, my question is: does this field exist in the database? Or, is it calculated from produce price & applied promotions / coupons / discounts? I am hoping that it is NOT a calculated field, because that would require many more ODBC connections to work with Access.

    If the field exists, could someone in the know point me to the table?


Update: If this IS a calculated table, what field should be subtracted from the price? Simply subtracting “Discounts” from the ORDERS table subtracts the entire order’s discount from each product price; not good.

Here is a screenshot to further clarify: