Table Border Removal.

I'm trialling the free version of CS and would like to remove the boarder on tables.

Can this be done in the trial version and if yes, can someone please point me in the right direction?


What borders do you mean? What theme and CS-Cart version do you use?

i believe he means the border from the table in the wsyg editor. That can be done in the css style file and set border there to zero.

i believe there is already a topic from this. I head the same issue before in the basic theme.


Most pages have an HTML view. If you're just looking to remove borders on tables for that one page, you can click the icon on the WYSIWYG editor, look for the tag, and add a space, then border=“0” to override the CSS that one time. Otherwise, yeah, you'll want to look for the template CSS file for the page type you're working on and edit the border option there to change it for all tables.

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Thanks to all…Just about to dive in and try out your suggestions.

Thanks again and I'll report back.