Tabbed List on Product View

I would like to see a tabbed list option on the product view or additional details screen. Something like:

Product Name \ Additional Images \ Send to Friend \ Product Review

Similar to the tabbed list that is used in the Manage Products section in the admin area.

Hi Disney,

This option is currently available (not in the original package), I will paste code and instructions shortly!



Hi TekK,

Any progress on this? Thanks!

tekk or CS-Cart team,

When can we expect the code and instructions on this? Thanks!

Yes, I too would like to see the code for this.


Any updates on this? Thanks!


Hi dominos_2004

You mean like this dominos

I ment to get back to you on this one, Need any help let me know.

Thanks, but i’m already did it.

Like this:


or like this:


Excellent! How did you do it?


Who are you asking TVC, and do you have Cart-Labs -Tabs, if not i have another tabs system you may use that is just as good.

This is the other tabs system.

Hey Gang,

The CS-Cart gurus were supposed to build this into one of the upcoming releases, so no need of 3rd party mods. CS-Cart Support… can you please confirm this? Thanks!

[quote name=‘tekk’]Hi Disney,

This option is currently available (not in the original package), I will paste code and instructions shortly!



TeKK, please paste the code for us, better yet include the tabs in the distribution, in the mean time I’ll use BOOMERS Tabs - snorocket

Hey TEkk Im waiting for the tab view code and its procedures to making it… im guessing a few other ppl are waiting too… waiting to hear form you man… take care

I got this working…

can anyone post the script for this? please… i really want the tabbs on product view

Zardos posted a tab script in the 3rd Party mods area… tho its not exactly the same and lined up nicely, but that could probably be fixed by removing some margins and padding.

Zardos, also just to let you know that the current tab script you have now on your site doesn’t work with Opera 8.x… not sure why.

I was actually going through yesterday looking at other dynamic tabs too and it seemed that at least 1 browser didn’t like the ones i found… usually Firefox.

but thanks for the code :slight_smile:


Thanks for that information TVC i will have it looked into, and i hope you had a bit of fun with the tabbed script i put up, you can do a lot with it, if you spend a little time on it.

Thanks again