t-shirt printing

Hi Cs-carter,

Has anyone implemented t-shirt printing with cs-cart.

I mean its an offering in which a customer can choose a photo to upload, and see how it looks on the t-shirt and then orders.

It required little bit of image manipulation.

I went through product designer addon by alt-team but didn't like it much, are there any other solutions available ?

Any suggestion would help.



Hello shikhar!

We would kindly ask you to read this thread http://forum.cs-cart…-is-interested/

In short, we have decided to start the development of a new Product designer based on HTML5 and JavaScript, it will be a better product which will work on all modern devices (iPhones, iPads, Android systems). Now we are making up the “interested” list and if there will be enough people who is interested, we will prepare sketches and the list of features and start to accept donations. All details are by the above link. We will be really glad if you participate.

We have analyzed the market of companies which offer Product designer modules, and can share the list with you.The most popular who offer the integration with CS-Cart are:




Their prices start from $1000 and up to $5000 (if you need extra customizations). And we know nothing about the quality of their service.

Our current [url=“Product designer CS-Cart add-on | CS-Cart module for customization”]Product designer /url is affordable in price, yet very functional. We are disappointed to hear that it doesn't suit you. We hope that we will be able to start the development of a new Product designer based on HTML5 and JaveScript, it will be a great competitive product.

Best regards, Alt-team

Norefresh are not to be trusted…especially jami