System Emails

Can anyone clue me in to the file(s) that control system emails for pre-sales, ordering and so forth?

I need to add to the code to create separate email profiles based on the localizations. My client has distributors and he would like the pre-sales questions and order emails sent to the right distributor based on the localization by GeoIP.

Can Anyone help me get started, please?

Nevermind, I got it sorted using the Supplier emails and a localization for the Contact Us form.

There is hope yet

all templates design for email are located in this repertory :


For order content : order_notification.tpl

For order subject : order_notification_subj.tpl


For profil creation content : create_profile.tpl

For profil creation subject : create_profile_subj.tpl


For shipment content : shipment_products.tpl

For shipment subject : shipment_products_subj.tpl

and for your gabarit :



I've tried this many times and updated my order_notification.tpl but the updates are not shown in the emails.

Any ideas?