Syncing inventory with LightSpeed POS


I joined another company now, and I was put in charge of setting up the webstore. Because of all the features we need, CS-Cart is the obvious choice to go with once again.

Here's the problem… They use a POS called LightSpeed Pro (http://www.lightspee…lightspeed-pro/) to keep track of inventory, prices, and to do sales.

I need to find a way to live sync any changes made to the products (name, price, inventory) between CS-Cart and LightSpeed. I'm desperate to find any kind of answer to this.

I've called LightSpeed and they say that I can do this, but only with “Magento”, and by buying their eCommerce licence (over $1000). I tried Magento, and holy moly is their admin section ever complicated compared to CS-cart. Plus there's a few features that CS-cart offers that I need, and Magento doesn't have them.

The only solution I've come up with is to manually import and export database records on a daily basis, and that would be ridiculously tedious.

Is there maybe a way I could buy their eCommerce add-on and instead of using Magento's database, use CS-Cart's database?

  • They aren't willing to change POS.

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

Inventory manager has “addon” for eCommerce?

Do they have an API document for how to create/update info in their system. I.e. when a sale occurs to debit inventory or when a return is made to credit it?

I could see a benefit of simplicity to not allow you to create products (or update things like descriptions, prices, etc.) outside the inventory management system, but seems that updating quantities should be pretty simple with an accompanying API document.

Hmm…I'll have to ask them. I doubt they do, though, cause they seem to want you to pay and use their own eCommerce website.

If they don't publish a way to update externally, then you will left to do it manually.

Here is another option for you.

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Here is another option for you.


I do not see any related addon on your website. I could find no CS-Cart addons at all. Am I overlooking it?

I didn't see anything related to integration or an api on the link you provided. Possibly there's a developers area that is not publicly visible.

If you can provide us api documentaiton, we'd be happy to give you a quote for integrating this POS with cs-cart. I would assume there is a 2-way integration need. I.e. when sales occur outside cs-cart to have the inventory adjusted within cs-cart and when sales occur within cs-cart to have all the sale info sent to the POS so the revenue, customers, inventory and other data can be managed in a central location.