Sync Orderid And Customer Id

I'm updating CS-Cart 4.6.1 to a latest CS-Cart 4.11.1
I'm trying to sync the order_id and user_id after/before import

On my CS-Cart 4.6.1 order_id=186294 user_id=35099

and my On my CS-Cart 4.11.1 same order has order_id=23 and user_id=25

Is there a way to fix that so that they import correctly? Or after they are imported?
Thanks to helpful members on this forum i know that i start the import id's from a certain number with
ALTER TABLE cscart_users AUTO_INCREMENT = some_number;

and i suppose i could do
ALTER TABLE cscart_orders AUTO_INCREMENT = some_number; ?

But that breaks if/after any order or user is deleted or skipped?
Does anyone knows how to fix that or can point me somewhere to read about it?

Export orders with Order ID column and order will have correct IDs

As for users, small code modification is required to add User ID to the list of available fields for export. But it will allow to save user ID as well

Thank you sincerely for your help...

It almost worked, but because the newly introduced product variations,

the product ID's got in the imported orders get completely screwed up.
Obviously everything what used to have product options now has its on product_id and its not gonna appear

correctly in the new site. :(