Sync Amazon - Csc W/ Options; Anybody Actually Doing It?

Since another thread (http://forum.cs-cart…__1#entry210652) did not result in any concrete results, hereby a 2nd attempt to collect valuable insight.

We (and many others!) would love to hear from anybody who has actually managed to sync his Amazon account with his CSC website. And then preferably where in your CSC you use options / option combinations.

We are starting out with using just simple export/import but we are running into several pesky problems (using version 4.1.3):

  1. the complex way CSC choices to export/import its Options / Options combination information (a long story, detailed in several other posts)
  2. the lack of inventory fields inside options/Option Combinations (should be fixed in version 4.3.1 I hope)
  3. the lack of absolute pricing inside options/Option Combinations (there's an add-on for it, however)

    So, anybody who has made this work in practice? We really, really would love to hear from you!

    Thanks in advance



Is there really, really nobody who has managed to link CSC production options to Amazon? Even it was only via a simple import/export way.

thanks in advance


Bump. Am looking at doing the same thing right now, but just with the export. Anyone ever have anything custom developed for the options in cscart?