Syles and Descriptions

I have descriptions written using the inbuilt HTML editor.

It gives us a bit of bold and a font etc but I sort of feel that I should be using styles and maybe something ?? for bigger size text on titles etc for SEO reasons?

But maybe not

It does have a font size as well.


But what should i be doing ?

Should I be using styles in some way or am i okay just choosing fonts and bold etc

I don’t know exactly what you are trying to do. Play with it until it looks right for you:P

Thanks tool.

If it helps i amnot fully sure either but i sort of know it is not “correct”

The text editor has nothing to do with styles - does it?

Nope. Text editor is all HTML.

And is that what I should be using ?

Or is it something like style = abc

I am coming back to this after a long gap and before I was just getting into css and i sort of feel that for SEO reasons i should be using styles in some sort of way.

(Mind - question: how do you get 2 seo experts to agree - answer: your havin a larf - arn’t you?)

LOL. Tell me what you are trying to do Page.

OOoo errr

I am not sure.

I feel there is a known unkown.

ie - There is more to it than just writing a description in plain text or plain plus bold.

If you leave the plain text as it is and just make the bold text bold, if in the future you want to change the font of your description, you will be able to do it in styles.css.

If you change the font of the text in the HTML editor and in the future you want to change the font, you will have to do it individually for each product.

So I would say leave the text as is (apart from any bold text you want).

I thought the TinyMCE editor allows you to set a class in the editor. This would make it easy to apply existing styles in styles.css to your HTML.


P.S. Yep, there is a button for applying styles on the TinyMCE website ( Apparently, the developers chose not to implement this feature.


If a dynamic dropdown menu existed in TinyMCE would help a lot in SEO and the

html code of the product description of each product would be cleanier.

Also it would help some costum predifinied styles that not expert person can use.



Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 2

Costum 1

Costum 2

Is there any kind of hack to do this?