Switch languages in front page or news - bug?

It is my server problem or bug when trying to switch between the languages front page does not change anything. Language is only a category or product section.

Did I miss something in settings or the bug?

If i disable show lang code in SEO mode then all show corect

When posting topic add a version of cs-cart u r using :slight_smile:

[quote name=‘Darius’]When posting topic add a version of cs-cart u r using :)[/quote]

Cs-cart 2.0.4, in 1.3.5 no problem

And maybe this problem exist when ob cacher is disabled… in server runing with su_php

php info

Directive Local Value Master Value
allow_call_time_pass_reference Off Off
allow_url_fopen On On
allow_url_include Off Off
always_populate_raw_post_data Off Off
arg_separator.input & &
arg_separator.output & &
asp_tags Off Off
auto_append_file no value no value
auto_globals_jit On On
auto_prepend_file no value no value
browscap no value no value
default_charset no value no value
default_mimetype text/html text/html
define_syslog_variables Off Off
disable_classes no value no value
disable_functions no value no value
display_errors Off Off
display_startup_errors On On
doc_root no value no value
docref_ext no value no value
docref_root no value no value
enable_dl Off Off
error_append_string no value no value
error_log /xxx/xxx/__processed_stats/xxx.phplog /xxx/xxx/__processed_stats/xxx.phplog
error_prepend_string no value no value
error_reporting 6143 6143
expose_php On On
extension_dir /usr/lib/php/modules /usr/lib/php/modules
file_uploads On On
highlight.bg #FFFFFF #FFFFFF
highlight.comment #FF8000 #FF8000
highlight.default #0000BB #0000BB
highlight.html #000000 #000000
highlight.keyword #007700 #007700
highlight.string #DD0000 #DD0000
html_errors On On
ignore_repeated_errors Off Off
ignore_repeated_source Off Off
ignore_user_abort Off Off
implicit_flush Off Off
include_path .:/usr/share/pear/ .:/usr/share/pear/
log_errors On On
log_errors_max_len 1024 1024
magic_quotes_gpc Off Off
magic_quotes_runtime Off Off
magic_quotes_sybase Off Off
mail.force_extra_parameters no value no value
max_execution_time 18000 18000
max_input_nesting_level 64 64
max_input_time 600 600
memory_limit 256M 256M
open_basedir /xxx/xxx::/tmp:/usr/share/pear:/xxx/xxx:/var/lib/php/session:/xxx/xxx/xxx/script:/xxx/xxx/xxxscript/ /xxx/xxx::/tmp:/usr/share/pear:/xxx/xxx:/var/lib/php/session:/xxx/xxx/xxx/script:/xxx/xxx/xxxscript/
output_buffering 1 1
output_handler no value no value
post_max_size 50M 50M
precision 14 14
realpath_cache_size 16K 16K
realpath_cache_ttl 120 120
register_argc_argv On On
register_globals Off Off
register_long_arrays On On
report_memleaks On On
report_zend_debug On On
safe_mode Off Off
safe_mode_exec_dir no value no value
safe_mode_gid Off Off
safe_mode_include_dir no value no value
sendmail_from xxxdizainas@gmail.com xxxdizainas@gmail.com
sendmail_path /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i
serialize_precision 100 100
short_open_tag On On
SMTP localhost localhost
smtp_port 25 25
sql.safe_mode Off Off
track_errors Off Off
unserialize_callback_func no value no value
upload_max_filesize 50M 50M
upload_tmp_dir /tmp/ /tmp/
user_dir no value no value
variables_order EGPCS EGPCS
xmlrpc_error_number 0 0
xmlrpc_errors Off Off
y2k_compliance On On
zend.ze1_compatibility_mode Off Off