SWF Aditional Images Popup Issue

Version 2.1.1

I have just noticed that the lightbox effect popup window used on the product pages works all well and good however it does not render any upload flash files - i have looked at the JS in relation to this and found it only does images:


var img_id = jQuery.crc32(url);
if (!img_preloader[img_id]) {
img_preloader[img_id] = $('' + (thumb_action ? unescape(caption) : caption) + '').load(function() {
if (jQuery.browser.opera) {
} else {

Anyone know if jQuery can handle flash detection or a method thats already floating around so if an extension is *.swf that it will send the flash embed code rather than just a basic IMG

Any help would be great, as dont really want to have to change the lightbox if i dont need to :slight_smile: