Surchage - Multivendor Commission Issues And Doubts


I am facing an issue with payment method surcharge that I cant understand the logic used by CS Cart.

Let's suppose the following scenario:

1- Marketplace with a surchage of $ 1 in the order final value during checkout;

2- A user buy the product A nd B in the same checkout. The value of each product is $5. The total value of the subtotal of the order is $10 and with the surcharge the total value is $11

Now the thing goes crazy in CS Cart. If you check your orders dashboard you will have two orders of $ 6,00, one for each vendor. If you sumup both orders you will see that there is an error, since your sales will sum $ 12,00 but you only sold $11,00. This break several reports of CS Cart, giving the feeling that the sales where hight than they really were.

The same error occur in report related with commissions. When you check the accountability area the marketplace earning take in consideration the "duplicated" surchage.

Is this behaviour correct? Make any sense to CS Cart work in this way?


Could you please show the configuration of payment method, and how does your checkout look like when placing an order.

Because I just recreated your scenario (two vendors, each with $5 product, plus $1 surcharge), and it resulted in two orders for $5.50 each.

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Could this be fixed in some recent version? I am running the version: 4.12.2.SP2.

Here is the info the setting of payment method:


Test was done on version 4.14.2, though I don't think payment surcharge functionality was revamped in any latest version.

Could you please also show the checkout (before you place an order) and the two orders with incorrect sum in backend?

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