Support days left

I only have 12 days of support time left with CS and I was wondering if I run out of time can I still have custom work done or do I have to buy more time? Along with this question, what does everyone else in the forum do? How many people actually pay CS for their support time? I haven’t personally had to ask them for any support, but I am currently having a custom mod made and I don’t know if it would be worth purchasing more time.


I have spoken to numerous CS-CART licensee’s and have found that there is a major satisfaction with the return times, time zone pertaining I do know someone that has had a question queued for 6 days with their support period expiring today still without an answer.

In regards to your custom development I believe it would be preferable to enquire the EXACT charge remaining prior to re-purchasing support credits.

I should mention that I have not used cs-support for over x months (since I joined) so cannot comment directly.

You won’t get any custom mods made with support time. You have to get a quote for that.

Support = help with the cart

[quote name=‘Zyles’]Support = help with the cart[/quote]

Mod installation would be part of the support period?:confused:

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]Mod installation would be part of the support period?:confused:[/QUOTE]

Well yeah.

But not custom mod development?

Not sure, I would expect that when you buy a car they don’t deliever it to your garage, possibily the same principal when you purchase a mod?

any installation service is an extra charge as far as im aware… ?

I know that having mods made is an extra charge, I am already paying to have one made. I am just wondering if they will even respond to questions about having a mod made if you don’t have any support days left with them. I would expect that they would respond since they want to make the addtional money doing extra coding, but I just wanted to see what everyone else did, is doing, or thought about this.


The Support period is if you are having difficulties with the default cs installation, Im sure they will respond for custom development… like you say, its money in their pocket.

As for support with your custom mod, thats a different question, as I have yet to have any custom work Im not sure I can help, it does seem this was slightly going off track from your original question though

[quote name=‘brandonvd’]I am just wondering if they will even respond to questions about having a mod made if you don’t have any support days left with them.[/QUOTE]

Yes they do. They also respond with bugfixes when you request them. I do this all the time when I find bugs.