Suppliers Not working 3.0.6

Hi All,

Trying to set up some shipping options and after reading an article in the knowledge base it seems the best way to do what I want is to use the suppliers feature, however after activating it in the suppliers settings page I do not get the option of suppliers in the customer menu…

Any ideas anyone please?



Ok so from looking around on the net it looks like this feature has been disabled in V3 but was supposed to be in development for some months now… So CSCART admin please let us know whats happening with this important feature.

I have tried looking and from all the articles I have found it seems they are discussing the Ultimate Edition version, was this also removed in Pro?

If not does anyone have a way to ship free to one country and charge for shipping the same product to a different country?

OMG, well cleared cache and it seems suppliers is working in 3.0.6 Pro… Happened upon it by chance, has anyone else had experiences like this where clearing the cache brings joyous occassions ;)

A Very Happy