Suppliers feature in Mulivendor/Professional vs Ultimate

Looking at the Features list of v3

It states:

Professional version has: Suppliers but NOT Multiple Stores.

Ulitimate version has: Multiple Stores but NOT Suppliers.

I can see why the Multivendor ver does not have both but the Ultimate version should surely have both,

Like, “Ultimate” infers that it has everything!?

No version has both the Multiple Storefront AND Multiple Supplier features.

Am I mis-interpreting this somehow.?


Nope, you're correct. They messed up on this, and state it is “planned” to be fixed for Ultimate in the future. It is the number one “feature” in the Ultimate Edition uservoice forum. When pre-release licenses were being sold for Ultimate, they didn't mention anything about Suppliers Functionality being stripped out of the product. Many of us who purchased licenses at that time found out the hard way when we tried to build sites requiring the functionality. Most sites will require Suppliers, frankly. Without suppliers, the shipping method in CS-Cart is so basic it is essentially unuseable excepting very simple stores. We hope they get suppliers back into Ultimate soon. With it, it's a solid product. Without it, it's a very weak platform for most stores we focus on.

See: http://cscart.uservo…ate-multi-store- and make sure to vote.

It looks like CSCart must have employed an Ex-Apple marketing expert.

I havent tried v3 yet because this was the first obvious lack of functionality.

C'mon CSCart… !

What is the use of a Multi-Storefront shopping cart if it does not have Multiple-Suppliers functionality.

Someone is surely gonna be “shown the door” for this ridiculous mistake!



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Ive voted , but like me, I assume most potential customers of CSCart will just vote with their $ and not buy it.

I completely agree with all of the comments above. I purchase a pre-order of Ultimate based on the information from the blog post (http://blog.cs-cart…tion-hits-beta/) and the forum post (http://forum.cs-cart…dy-for-testing/). None of them mention that Supplier functionality would be removed in this version.

I have drop shippers that I work with and without a feature to handle this interaction I can't do anything with this software I purchased. I also have certain products that need to ship using a specific method. In the current CS-Cart I can use Suppliers, but there is no way to accomplish this in Ultimate.

Come on, something needs to change. It is the highest voted feature by over 50% more votes than what is 2nd.

I have been a CS-Cart customer for years and I have paid for multiple licenses and also I continue to pay for Support Credits. I have done thousands of dollars in customization with CS-Cart and would like to do more.

Please CS-Cart, take care of this so we can upgrade and continue to use the features you continue to add.

Hello CS-Cart Team … we await you comments… I for one would like to know what is the “planned” time frame to correct this serious blunder?

As I am now needing to find another shopping cart solution. Do I wait a few weeks for the correction , or do I need to seek other software? Id like to use CS Cart Ultimate for this project but there is no version suitable. !!!

I hope you both were able to get a refund from cscart as you have clearly been misslead.

My hope is that they will at least reset our support period to the date that they actually get suppliers functionality back into the product. It's the right thing to do.

I requested a refund today. We simply can't afford to wait any longer. Considering all the hours of work we've already put into the software and site development, I feel sick to my stomach to have to start all over again. Not to mention, there really is a lot to love about CS-Cart. For the most part, it really is fantastic. However, you have to do what you have to do.

Hopefully they'll be reasonable and process the refund.

Please let me know what happens. I would really like to upgrade to 3.x and have the multi-store and supplier functionality in one. I thought that is what “Ultimate” was.

I have spent time with there team emailing back and forth, but they don't seem to care.

A notable lack of comment from the CSCart team here…

Hello all!

We do understand your concern about the Suppliers functionality in CS-Cart Ultimate Edition. And we plan to add it at the first opportunity. Unfortunately, it is not an easy change and cannot be made fast. I am afraid, the exact date of adding this functionality cannot be given now, but it is not a question of a couple of weeks.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience this have caused you.

Thanks orangegirl, nice to know its being taken seriously, and being addressed. cheers

Ive just checked back, as Im awaiting the moment that the “ultimate” version has the Multiple Suppliers functionality.

Still waiting… Ive got my staff ready to setup the stores, but no software to do it with.

Any alternatives? Maybe there's a 3rd party Suppliers Addon for Ultimate v3?

I understand that its a big task, but its been a while since this thread was first posted… any news?

Still waiting here as well.

keep us updated.

Still waiting for Suppliers in Ultimate. CS-Cart were very misleading with the release of Ultimate and failing to disclose the Suppliers functionality has been removed. Here we are, 6+ months later, and Suppliers has still not made its way back in to the software, despite KB articles on 'how to set up Suppliers' for version 3.0.x.

Update: Suppliers addon is in the list of add-ons on the 3.1.1 Ultimate labs demo, however, I still hold my breath. How many more months until we see the release of V3.1.X?

Yeeeh ha! Beta 4 is out … gonna test it out… Im good at finding software bugs. :grin: