Suppliers Addon In Cs-Cart

Hi there,

We came across the suppleirs addon in cs-cart but are still confused as how it works.

Also we are targeting global customers so will this addon be of any use. Lastly, we came across this addon also “Extended suppliers functionality” which is by e-com labs

The "Extended Suppliers" Add-on for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Has anyone used it yet?Is it useful and how is it different from the existing addon(default one in cs-cart)



Also, is supplier and brands are the same thing?

Generally, a supplier in cs-cart is a drop ship provider. I.e. items in an order are grouped by supplier and they are then notified by email to ship the items. Not quite sure how it works in MVE since both vendors and suppliers are identified by the company_id. Drop a note to Ecomm, I'm sure they will give you a complete description of their add-on.

Only by email and not by ftp?

Standard cs-cart only does email. What were you going to FTP? Generally FTP'd data files are custom anyway and specific to each supplier.

If not sending by email and sending is to FTP supplier(email is zo past).

The order comes in CVS and is transport to the supplier FTP server where he takeUp the order.

If specific as you say, then the addon must have a choice to in the sending fields to a supplier.

Even better, support both Email and FTP CVS transfer supplier.

Then you have a great addon for the future.

Great theory but not the way it is…

There should be a whole “translation” mechanism built into cs-cart so you can take a standard order csv and translate it to different column names, different format (XML or JSON) and also mapping of names and converting of data (I.e. currencies).

But it's simply not there. That's why it's custom development.

The way how it must be, flexible and tick the choice of the fields.

Example: Supplier has Orderid, Productname, some another fields needed to import in there program,

So the export CVS has this names and price and currancy is not importend and not needed.

True, its not there. Butt a program like this must have somthing like this to compleet this need.

Just sending a mail and order info is not comfort and mistake is there on the corner.

Sending the order info in specify fields make no mistake to order import.

Btw. i work with CVS export orders to suppliers and it works great, no mistakes and lot faster.

Sorry for the delay with answering.

First of all it allows you to assign several suppliers to one product. Let imagine that you sell the pens. You have 3 suppliers (A, B and C). So, you can purchase pens from any of these suppliers, but their prices are different. So, this add-on allows you to track each incoming order and increase the amount of product by uploading the incoming orders (CSV) to the store. In this case you will be able to see the history of previous purchases (from suppliers) and track the average cost of any product for each supplier. You will be able to easily see your profit. This add-on is not connected to the default “Suppliers” module and your customers will not see any new information in the store-front.