Supplier Tracking Settings

I have over 100 suppliers that I use to fill orders on my online store. I’m running into 2 problems with having so many suppliers.

1- I am only able to enter in 1 tracking number per order in the admin. One order may contain products from 3 different suppliers, so I would need to provide the customer with 3 different tracking numbers (since each product is shipped from its respective supplier individually). Is this possible?

2- My shipping charges are based on order subtotal. But the overhead for these charges add up when one order contains 3 different shipments. Is it possible to charge the customer for all 3 suppliers shipping costs, in one total shipping cost?

I know in the admin there are settings for “Display shipping methods to each supplier separately” but I do not know what this means.

Any help would be much appreciated!

The fix to this was rather easy, but it did not come without some headaches.

By enabling the “allow to create shipments” box in admin settings, you can now add multiple shipments to the same order. This is very, very good.

HOWEVER, by enabling this you wipe out all of the previous tracking information for single item orders. This is not too big of a deal for orders that are already completed, but in-process orders may need to be updated.

If there is another way to do this without losing that information please post here for myself and others.


I would report that as a bug. You should NEVER LOSE DATA in an order unless that specific order is edited by you and the data is removed.

Will do. Just reported it. Thanks.