Supplier name next to shipping on checkout

To all,

How would I configure my suppliers on the shipping page so that the supplier name does not appear on the Payment and shipping page?

I want the separation of shipping from the different suppliers… I just dont want them to see my supplier names. Would the only way to fix this be to change the supplier names to something generic like “warehouse 1, warehouse 2, etc…?”

The only reason that I want to see the separation of supplier shipping costs is because we offer free shipping when a user spends a certain amount with a specific supplier.

Thanks in advance for your help and/or advice.



I have a “sort of” solution. I did a mod that will hide the supplier name, but it only allows for one shipping method. So, it will only display UPS Ground or USPS Priority or whatever.

It would work for you even with the free shipping thing, but only if you use one method.

I’ve been in contact with tbirnseth, but he says that it will cost more to look into how to fix this than it would cost to actually do the fix. The last email I got from him recommended that I contact Alt Team and see what they say.

While my solution is a quick fix, I need this to be fixed the right way. PM me and maybe together we can get something done.



in customer/views/checkout/components/shipping_estimation.tpl

{foreach from=$suppliers key=supplier_id item=supplier name=“s”}

and shipping_rates.tpl same dir.