Supplier Information Cannot Be Shown In Order Invoice Product Table Snippet!


I'm using cs-cart 4.6.2 and I want to show product's supplier name in products table snippet in order invoice document.

First of all, I added a column called supplier in products table snippet. And in the template, I insert {{ }} from available variables. But, nothing displayed in order invoice products table!

All product variables work fine, but no luck in supplier variables!

There is no problem with supplier addon.

Please note that I don't want to add supplier info in supplier invoice document. I want to have in it order invoice document.

Thank you and best regards

Try to reproduce it on the demo. If you face the same issue, post it to the bug tracker

I've checked the demo. In the demo, I can add supplier name to products table in order invoice. The problem is on my end! My website is multilingual and language codes are correct in the database. In each language, supplier name column is empty in order invoice products table!

In this case it is required to examine issue on your server. Try to contact CS-Cart support team