Supplier and Shipping Question


This is another supplier and shipping questions.

I ship some items and I have a supplier drop ship others.

I have no problem if a person purchases an item that is drop-shipped or an item that I ship.

My problem is when a person purchases an item that is drop-shipped and an item that I shipped.

The shipping estimate brakes the shipping down for each product. I don’t want this, I just want one price per shipping method. I don’t want the customer to see or have to choose a shipping method for each product, want them just to see a combined price.

What I would really like is not to have a supplier associated with a shipping method. I only one one set of shipping methods that would be the same for every supplier, including me. I do take a loss on some items this way, but I want the shipping charge to be as it I shipped all the items.

It looks like I may have to set myself up as a supplier and choose both myself and other suppliers for each shipping method, but I don’t want the customer to see the product and supplier in shipping estimate section of the cart.

Is there anyway I can achieve the above?

I am using a combination of USPS real time shipping and USPS by locations. This is just for a 2-3 lb shipment where I use a flat rate box.

Attached is what I don’t want, I just want one set of shipping choices.

Thanks for your help.



You can get rid of the separate dropdowns for shipping method by unchecking “Multiple shipping method selectboxes” in the Supplier options. However, when you do this you must have at least one shipping method in common or your sutomer will get the “Unfortunately no shipping methods…” message. If you can construct a set of shipping charges that you can use for both yourself your dropshippers, then this option can work for you.


Thanks Bob,

I figured I can do this, but this means I have to set myself up as a supplier for all products I ship. Or is there another way to have a common shipping method for dropshippers and myself?



The only way I know to do this is set yourself up as a supplier. It’s a bit tedious but pretty quick if you use the mass edit feature to set the supplier on your products. One trick you can use to make things easier is to add “&items_per_page=[COLOR=“Red”]500[/COLOR]” to the end of the products.manage page URL. You can change the 500 to a larger number but you might get a timeout - just adjust the number lower if you do.



I’m trying to do something very similar to the original poster for a different reason…

We have a few items in our store, like camping stoves, that can legally only ship via ground methods. The CS-Cart helpdesk folks told me that the only way to restrict a product to certain shipping methods is by using the Supplier Addon. I set everything up according to their instructions and it’s mostly working well. The problem is that the customer is being charged twice for shipping when I add a normal product (that can ship via any shipping method) to a cart with an item that can only ship via a restricted shipping method.

All the items we sell ship from one warehouse. The only reason we set up different Suppliers was so that we could restrict shipping methods on particular products. Essentially what’s happening is that we’re shipping one box, but being charged for shipping two boxes.

I’ve attached two screenshots to show what’s going on. When the box for “Multiple Shipping Method Selectboxes” is checked under the Suppliers Addon it breaks out the shipping options into two sections, one for each “Supplier” which I have retitled Shipping Restrictions. It then totals these two shipping costs. When I uncheck the box for “Multiple Shipping Method Selectboxes” it correctly only displays the common shipping methods for both unrestricted and restricted items. In this case FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground are the common shipping methods. The problem is that the shipping cost is still showing up as the total of two separate shipping costs instead of being combined into the cost of one shipment.

I’m still trying to figure this out with the CS-Cart helpdesk folks, but my support period will end in a few days and I was hoping a forum user might be able to offer some advice. Thanks.

Andrew Smith



To the best of my knowledge, there is no way around this. Since the supplier assumes that items are shipping from different warehouses, the calculations make sense. What is really needed is the ability to specify for each product whether a specific shipping method(s) must be used then only display the shipping methods that intersect any product shipping restrictions.

You could probably use promotions to provide an “allowance” discount for shipping specific products but this will not be invisible.


Thanks Bob for the quick response. I’ll keep pressing the Helpdesk folks for answers and see if they have any solutions. Obviously if I find a solution I’ll report back.