Super noob question about CS Cart and links

Please excuse my CS-Cart noobness, I’m learning as I use it and the manual is not what I would call “complete”. I have some uber noob questions that I would appreciate your help with. Sorry this is so long.

1.) We have a working site already that I’ve been kind of working behind the scenes on, call it, I have cs-cart set up in Custom Application Development Software for Business - and I’m wondering how all the links that I have been setting up will transfer over? I know, I should have thought of this before but I’m an idiot. What I mean is say I have a product and in the description I have coded in some links in the text and say that link is [url]Custom Application Development Software for Business -, what is going to happen when I move all the cart files from the ‘csc’ directory to the directory? I’m screwed aren’t I? Do I need to basically have a welcome page with a link to the cart in the csc directory to not loose all my links?

2.) In the admin panel under Appearance Settings > Customer Settings there is a line for “Page Title Text”, I thought that would change the text at the very top of the browser window where it normaly says like CS-Cart Home - Internet Explorer but it does not. Do I need to find that in the templates? What is the “Page Titel Text” then?

3.) When someone enters a product review their first name shows up twice instead of user name or first and last, is there a fix for this?

I’m sure I’ll have more, but please excuse my cs-cart noobness and help me learn. Thank you,


  1. You have to edit every link if you want them to work…not really sure why you would put a link in a product description??? specifically for this exact reason, you now have a TON of work to do to move your site…

    I dont recommend leaving it in /csc/ …as customers would never be able to guess/remember that, and doing a welcome page with a link doesnt help your SEO.

  2. This option doesnt appear for me in 1.3.3 rc2

  3. havent looked into it.

when you move your site from Custom Application Development Software for Business - your current config.php settings are:

// Host and directory where cs-cart is installed on secure server

$cscart_https_host = ‘’;

$cscart_https_dir = ‘/csc’;

you’ll want to change the setting to:

// Host and directory where cs-cart is installed on secure server

$cscart_https_host = ‘’;

$cscart_https_dir = ‘’;

the hardcoded links you’ll have to change manually through the admin panel by removing the /csc from the path

That’s what I figured… I’m such a dumb ass. Would it be possibel to install cs-cart on but change the default page to like index1.php or something? So while the old site is still up and running customers don’t stumble into the new, under construction site? Thanks,


It can be done, but having 2 copies may get confusing and lead to deletion of files,etc. causing more headaches…

You could change your .htaccess to redirect to mypage.php instead of index.php…

proceed carefully.

Hmm…I think I see a “Welcome” page in my future :slight_smile: Thanks guys,


Yo Ranger, don’t feel bad because that’s the same way my website layout will be also (and I originally planned it that way). The first page is a welcome page that will let the user select from two options:

1)flash company site (entertainment & extra information purposes)

2)php/mysql shop site (to purchase company products)

and the shop site will be

Let us know when your site goes live, I’m looking forward to seeing it! :smiley:

Hey Quicktime,

Thanks for the idea! Just gotta sell it to the boss now, but I like the idea of the store side of things and the videos/reviews/how-to side of things.

The site isn’t going to be flashy or anything, I don’t really have a creative bone in my body, I’m simply a coder/db guy. Well, unless you are into r/c stuff you won’t be too excited anyway :slight_smile: It’s gonna be a while till it’s done, but I’ll post when it is. Thanks again for the idea!


^^^ Bumping topic up b/c no one has replied yet about the product review issue. Has anyone else done proudct reviews and noticed that the customer’s first name gets posted twice instead of first and last name? Thanks,


I’ll check it out tonight…

I tried this on v 1.3.3rc2 and it works fine.

My name appears in review as First Last.

just a note, the demo customer name is Customer Customer. is that how you are testing this? (just a thought)


Yes this happened in my cart and CS-Cart fixed it, so it must be a bug!!

Also something to think about. This wecome page idea may be adding up to be a splash page. if that is a fact, then it will also be bas for SEO UNLESS, you have a site fille with tons of info that serps will chew up.

If that is the case, then you also have to worry about duplicate content. You do not want to get slammed by Google over duplicate content as that will take forever to get out of the sandbox.

that is also a downside of that html catalog. But if you have the stire in a sub directory, then the cataliog even deeper, the serps will noever go there anyhow, lol.

It is hard enought to get them go there if the store is in the root and the catalog is in a second level. they just don’t like to do that at all.

I prefer a mod rewrite to make all links appear to nbe html instead :wink:

Another thing to think about for all of thiose links. Permenant 301 redirects. serps will follow, they are ok for SEO and they work. May want to look into a permemant 301 redirect of it is a huge issue. Less work and decent results.

You will not be penalized for that either by anyone. Been there done that.

Old store - New store scenario.


I don’t want to build up the site on an rc, been burned by that before.

Zardos, thanks for the heads up, I’ll put in a ticket.

MarkWhoo, dood, I understood maybe half of what you said, but thanks :slight_smile:


My point being, its fixed in 1.3.3…never suggested you should use RC2.

lol, not a problem, just trying to help.

sounds like you may want your boss to invest in a good SEO person if you want to make money online :slight_smile:

If any other 1.3.2 users have this review problem, here is the fix:

Open “skins/CUSTOMER_SKIN_NAME/customer/addons/product_reviews/product_details.tpl” template and replace the following line:

with this one: