Summer Vacation 2014

A big hallo to all CS-Cart admins out there.

How is it looking with summer vacation this year? Is your job/store letting you the time to get some days off?

For the moment vacation is out of the question but I would gladly go to Santorini Greece one more time (been there 2 times already). I never get enough of it!

Enjoy a small video sample

Whats your plans for Vacation? Do you get the store with you when on vacation or you switch off?


Hello Fotis!

Just couldn’t pass by this topic. Santorini is a great place, one of the most beautiful places that one can visit. I would recommend everyone a vacation on a beautiful Crete (Greece island) with a visit to Santorini island from there. I was there :)

As for our company we have an idea to go to Thailand for a month to work from there in autumn. Thailand is a popular place where you can enjoy the nice see, nature and cheap living. Lots of Russian and not only Russian companies go there to combine work and leisure activities. But it’s only an idea so far, time will show…

Best regards,

Irina Sharova, Alt-team manager, support

Not much of a vacation for me. Not only the work thing, but my kids are raising pigs and lambs for 4H. Great projects for them, but not very good for vacationing. We are hoping for Hawaii in the fall though. We'll see.