Suggestions needed please. Re: gift vouchersI

I want to create about 50, physical paper gift vouchers, each with a unique code on them, to use in a cs-cart shopping site.

What tools would you suggest to create them?


I was hoping to spend less than £500 - a lot less :smiley:

Also, even if I did, I still couldn’t do it as I have not graphics skills. :wink:

I was hoping someone could recommend a gift voucher creation software which could import codes from a text file, or something.


You can create a HTML template for the looks. Use a php script to parse through a text file with all the codes, render the output to screen and print them.


I don’t know any out of the box solution.

I used a free trial of Smart Draw to make my certificates which was very easy to use. The program wouldn’t let me save the file I think, but I was able to export it into Fireworks or Word and then I was able to save the document. The certificates are kind of lame but here is what they look like. On the real certificates there is no VOID.

There is a front and back to the certificates to include all of the information like who sold the gift certificate and so forth. Hope this helps.


This is the way I did it.

I hacked the voucher code so that every time it added a coupon it set the text to a random number over 10000000 - This way I could simply and quickly “Clone” the same voucher 50 times.

I used phpmyadmin to export the table as CSV. Removed the other columns in Excel and saved it as CSV again.

Then I used Serif Page Plus DTP, and basically mail-merged the CSV file in, so every certificate has a unique number on it.