Suggestions For Improving The Usability Of The Admin Panel

Sorry if I do not write correctly, the English know bad. Please examine it in the admin panel to simplify the work of adding the product. It is very important for new suppliers. First, we need a button “add product” right in the admin home page. When you add a product smooching on the incomprehensible algorithm adding images. Need loading without saving all the information, previews downloadable images, load indicator, the link “add photo”. In general you need to do so that you can quickly understand and get new goods.

PS: add another currency ruble.

Пробовал разместить тестовый заказ для разных поставщиков.

Один номер заказа в админ панели был не правильным. И нет ссылки на поставщика, не удобно. При оформлении заказа стоимость доставки не была учтена.

You could always add “add product” to the quick view link. I would like to see search by phone number eventually in the admin panel. A lot of people call and don't leave a message, so it would be a nice gesture to shoot them an e-mail and say “sorry we missed your call after hours…”

Take Care