suggested methods of managing inventory?

I am looking for instructions on best practices for managing inventory.

specifically inventory with options.

Currently I find the Inventory ‘combinations’ page rather hard to work in, once you have a number of combinations. (suggestion, to have the associated image block hidden like other lists eg: option-variants, this would make the list a little easier to work with).

Are there easier methods of editing inventory? When creating the inventory management system, what was the thought on how it should be managed, and how are people finding to be the practical approaches to managing this on active site??

This type of information might make for a nice KB article.

I’m building out a test site to validate cs-cart and noticed this issue of managing inventory with tracking turned on. I have apparel products with different sizes and colors, with each with their own inventory counts. The import/export of the product catalog seems to ignore these tracking entries, only the parent product is available for changes.

If there is a better solution in the future I hope it’s with improving the admin UI, more of a spreadsheet approach and in-line editing of inventory counts.

That’s exactly the approach I would like to see.

The ability to export and import cvs files for this complex inventory would also be a BIG plus.