Suggested Links page empty?!

Since my upgrade to version

The Links or Suggested Links page has no more links showing?

They appear on the right hand side under the Information column, but not in the center of the page?

Does anyone have any errr suggestions on how to fix this :slight_smile:

I’ve checked several different browsers.

The Links Page in admin, has no settings to control link content that was previously automated.



Is this a “Page” your created/managed in the admin panel or are you referring to something else?

Sorry, yes it’s a page I created showing recommended links.

Content - Pages - Add page - ‘Suggested Links’

Then I use that page as a root page for any added Website links.

It was showing the links in the center panel, now it only shows them in the information ‘block’ on the side. I guess I will have to HTML the page manually.

I wasn’t sure if it was an error any one else noticed. Before the upgrade any Links would appear as a list in on the created page and in the information ‘block’ on the side.

it sounds like you are talking about the “related pages” block. Ensure it’s enabled on your “Pages” central content area.

Hi :slight_smile:

Yep checked that, all is active and OK.

I can’t see what switched off or why the links don’t appear.

I’ll just do it via HTML for now. But thank you for all your support, it’s always appreciated :slight_smile: